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Cranston & Thompson COVID-19 status and response.

At Cranston & Thompson, we are continuing to take concerns over COVID-19 extremely seriously.

To that end, the government has asked private businesses to do all they can to help reduce density to limit the spread of the virus. Based on these circumstances, we have implemented a  few client/firm access policies, effective immediately.

* All of our staff will attempt to work from home to the full extent possible.

* Our offices will be officially closed to the general public including clients of the firm until further notice is received from government health authorities. At that time we will update our policies accordingly.

* All of our professional and administrative staff will continue to monitor client emails during working hours and we will continue to process tax-season related family trust, personal tax and corporate tax and assurance engagements, as before.

* We urge our clients to use email communications to reach us (not leave phone messages) as our telephone system does not forward our calls to our homes.

* Client Documents – to the extent possible, please scan to pdf all documents and send by email.

* We prefer that you try to avoid ‘non pdf’ (such as ‘jpeg’) documents.  They are difficult to print and very difficult to read if they are to be forwarded to the CRA for processing.

* If you prefer, sensitive documents can be sent on a secured (encrypted) basis using the link under our email signature/address line (see example below).

* Larger Packages – are best sent to our office using Canada Post ‘Express Post’ system. On a rotating basis, a staff person will be picking up the mail packages at least 2 times per week.

* As noted, we will continue to be required to travel to our office to pick up mail and various hard copy client files.  In an emergency situation,  if you require a larger package drop off at our office, it may be possible to set up a time to meet at our offices.

As you know, the nature of this environment is rapidly changing.  We are committed to keeping you updated in a timely and concise manner.

If you have any questions on our policies or our plans, please contact one of our staff by email.

Mr. Peter Cranston – peter@cranstonthompson.ca
Mrs. Lisa Thompson – lisa@cranstonthompson.ca
Mr. Rick Krozonouski – rick@cranstonthompson.ca
Mrs. Christine Hill – christine@cranstonthompson.ca
Ms. Tia Morgan – tia@cranstonthompson.ca
Ms. Emily Thompson – emily@cranstonthompson.ca


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